The Socorro Islands Dolphins

The Socorro Islands are home to the possibly friendliest bottlenose dolphin population on earth. In this video, we explain to you what exactly is that sets this highly curious and social mammal apart from its cousins elsewhere in the world. After you have experienced a typical Socorro dolphin encounter you will understand why we love these animals so much….

Socorro dolphins are truly special due to their remarkable intelligence, playful nature, and captivating beauty. These charismatic marine mammals, found in the Pacific Ocean off the coast of Mexico’s Socorro Islands, engage in acrobatic displays, including exuberant leaps and spins that defy gravity. Their complex social structure and close-knit bonds within pods are expressed through a repertoire of clicks, whistles, and body movements, showcasing their unique communication techniques.

Doplhin and Diver, Socorro, Baja California
Dolphin playing with a diver at Socorro

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