So much fun to hear someone yell “DOLPHIN”

Finally, back in the water!!! After being in quarantine for months, we can dive again! We are in the Sea of Cortez doing some exploring at some known and unknown dive sights. We saw a juvenile Giant Manta Ray at La Reina, which was amazing!! The water is cold, and the weather warm and sunny, which makes it exciting to jump in and out all day long. There is a lot of life to see in these waters. We spent some time chasing pods of dolphins, so everyone got their exercise for the day. So much fun to hear someone yell “DOLPHIN” and everyone does the drill of grabbing fins and mask to try and catch the dolphins in the skiffs! The crew has been fantastic and is well versed in the new safety protocols brought about by COVID. We appreciate the lengths they are going to in order to keep safe and socially distanced. Nautilus is a top-notch outfit, and we are so happy to be the first group back to diving! We heard there might be whales in the area, so we are excited to see what tomorrow brings!

Rachael P.

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