We are going on toward the north of the Sea of Cortez!!

We are going on toward the north of the Sea of Cortez, and we are doing a top at the island San Ildefonso, which lays between the beautiful cities of Loretto and Mulege. The diving here has been really good, with a reef so rich it reminds me of my times working in Indonesia, and many guests compared it with the Caribbean diving. White sand bottom covered with garden eels and the hundreds of nests of the fine-scale triggerfish, busy keeping the wrasses away from their eggs – luckily they don’t bite the divers, unlike the titan triggerfish of Indonesia! A big school of Machete fish, big eye jacks and massive snappers were spotted through the day, along with some nudibranchs, shrimps and scorpionfish for the macro lovers. The current on the dive site was pumping for the first two dives, so we found shelter in the bay, then it slowed down on the next two dives so we could Explorer some pinnacles away from the island.
Another great day in paradise, water is 28Celsius (82 Fahrenheit), the weather is hot! and the sky is pristine clear to look at the stars in the evening. And yesterday Poncho gave us the best Mexican tacos over a sunset like no other place on earth. Happy times!

DM Yann, onboard the Explorer

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