A school of beautiful hammerheads

We dropped in adjacent to the pinnacle at las Animas site. After a few moments of searching in the cold water, out from the blue swam a school of beautiful hammerheads. At the moment, I struggled to contain a little squeak of excitement. After they disappeared back into the blue, the other group became visible, and with their motion, it seemed to send the sharks back our way.
I couldn’t help but be grateful for their bubbles. A few minutes later we spotted a turtle swimming by and when I looked up there went the school again. They are breathtaking creatures and my buddies, and I couldn’t help but exchange smiles and high fives. After we eliminated the idea, they would make another pass we kept going around the corner and found ourselves in warm water and fish soup. Occasionally, a sea lion would make an appearance. It was spectacular to have a cold pelagic dive and end with a warm tropical beautiful vis dive.
Well played mother ocean, well played.
Lindsey- San Francisco

By Nautilus Crew

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