Swanee Reef and Salvatierra

The first dive we did was on Swanee reef. It was a shallow reef south of Espiritu Santo, Easy dive to max 14m a healthy coral reef with tons of fish, many cleaning stations to stop by and watching animals behaviour, the viz is blue!

The other dive site we did was by Salvatierra, a ferry that sank around the 80s Ca 100m long with trucks still laying down there, it is very broken up bat there is like an oasis where all life gathers, schools of snappers even schools of pufferfish! Turtles, a huge porcupine puffer feet up over 3 ft ca 1m. Ling, and black coral, It is in the San Lorenzo channel. So it is often exposed by current but also the reason it is so vibrating of life! An excellent first day! to be continued day 2 Los Islotes and Fang Ming

By Nautilus Crew

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