We saw Hammerheads, wrecks and Sealions and many more things!

In this trip to the Sea of Cortez, we saw Hammerheads, wrecks and Sealions and many more things. But also our awesome guests contribute a lot to the success of each trip, and this group was great fun!! On one of the last days at San Francisco, we decided to declare a spontaneous Women’s Dive Day, so I took the eight ladies on a dive, and it ended up being one of the best dives of the whole trip.
The sun was shining, and as soon as we rolled in, we saw the stellar conditions: no current and more than 30 meters viz, the light and sun rays were just amazing!! We dropped on the south end of the islet and ended up moving not more than 50 meters; all the action was around us. There was the school of thousands, yes thousands, of Mexican Barracudas, and they are like a wall of fish reflecting the sun with their silvery bodies. But the best was observing the sealions swimming with them and chasing the barracudas around in a playful way. Just as we wanted to go up to our safety stop, I spotted something else: the elusive Nudibranch!! We had seen some Flabellinas on previous dives already, but this was the first sighting of a Polycera and the perfect end to an enjoyable dive!

Thanks, Ladies!!!

By Nautilus Crew

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