Good day at San Pedro Martir

Nautilus Gallant Lady is at San Pedro Martir, we just had Taco Night, and all our guests are happy. The day was phenomenal with calm seas and good visibility (50-60 feet). The water temperature dropped down since last week, now its in the low 70’s but the mood on the boat is on fire! On all the four dives we had outstanding interaction with the sea lions. They were going after everyone’s fins, and we had a great time. We also visited on a deep dive the beautiful area covered with black coral. Also went on a macro dive to find the blue-spotted and giant jawfish! We saw many of them. Our last dive we visited a beautiful reef covered by gorgonians and sea fans, lots of groupers and snappers, friendly sea turtles and the biggest surgeon fishes you could find!
Now we are getting ready to go to Bahia de Los Angeles under a clear and starry sky.
Juan David – Dive Master

By Nautilus Crew

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