Whale Shark

Last day at Roca Partida! Before we started our first dive, someone screamed a whale shark from the top deck. And folks scrambled to the back deck and jumped in the water to see the slowly moving shark. I don’t know what was more fun to see the exiting guests and crew or the whale shark. A good start of the day!
The first dive, we had a pod of dolphins about a 15 visiting us trying to do their trick swim up to us and then slowly sink to lurk us down to the abyss. We had a good day diving with not too much current or swell, making it possible to go out and explore outside the rock a bit more. No more whale sharks after our visit this morning. Mantas where there and in the last dive of the day some big Tunas came in to hunt creole fish. As well the wahoo is impressive to see when they strike—the fastest fish in the ocean together with the sailfish they say.
We had an excellent week at Revillagigedo. Pleased to be back finally and life is still there. While writing, we are steaming up north to Cabo San Lucas. We are then preparing for next long trip of 15 days that is a combination of Magdalena Bay area with diving and striped marlin and ending down in Revillagigedo—looking forward to doing.
Diveguide Sten “Vikingo” Johansson

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