Day 3 on the magical tour!

Day 3 on the magical tour! Today was all about playing with sea lions. They totally live up to their moniker “sea puppies”. So friendly and playful! Came right up to us, nose to nose, swim around, grab your fins and tug. They were playing with each other and hiding together under coves, doing acrobatics. All together putting on an awesome show. Our last dive we came up just at sunset. Enjoyed the sky, climbed in the skiff and watched the sea lions follow us as we motored back to the boat. Sat up top for a while before dinner, enjoying the swaying and the incredible starts, sitting down now to another delicious dinner.
The crew is fabulous in every way, always making sure we are safe, comfortable, and very well taken care of.
– Cheryl Brinkman

By Nautilus Crew

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