la Reina

Today is our second day of diving, and we are at la Reina just a couple of miles north of Cerralvo Island. Conditions are really good, almost no current and small seas. We did the south section of the main rock visiting the wreck with lots of green morays, cup coral, school of machetes and abundant surgeon fish. The North East of la Reyna was full of life. Different schools of fish all together in the same area. We saw snappers, grunts, jacks, milkfish, barracudas, chops, pampanos, it was incredible, and it felt like being in an aquarium for over 60 minutes! Also, we had good interaction with the sea lions, they played a good show to the divers, getting some fins, posing for the cameras and in particular some big males that were playing rough among them. It was a great day.
Juan David – Dive Master

By Nautilus Crew

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