There Is No Way to Describe These Magic Encounters

The temperature of the water ranged around 27-28C, with great currents that we always expect in each site – great because, remember, in these islands we need it. Sea conditions were amazing! But to describe our dives, letters aren’t enough. Because of that, in my six seasons here I just can tell you that mantas were everywhere, sharks as well. But if you need specifics I can tell that tigers sharks and hammerheads were a common thing. And if you need more, whale sharks showed up everywhere; and if that is not enough, Roca Partida gave us the presence of a great beautiful and amazing 35-40 ft female going around more than four times in the same dive. There is no way to describe these magic encounters, maybe the only thing would be for you to come and live the experience.

Nautilus Dive Master & Marine Biologist Rodolfo, onboard Nautilus Explorer

By Nautilus Crew

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