Today’s Dive Was a Life Time Top Ten Shark Encounter Dive.

Finally back in the water since COVID19 turned our world upside down.  Our last dive was in February, making this the longest time we’ve been out of the water diving since forever.  Between my dive buddy and I we had six new pieces of dive gear and we were delighted to know that Sea Critters Dive  Shop offered a complimentary checkout dive prior to boarding the Nautilus’ Gallant’s Lady.  We dove a site called Pelican Rock just minutes by boat from downtown Cabo San Lucas.  This was not your typical checkout dive.  We encountered the largest sardine bait ball we’ve ever seen and spotted an octopus as well.  We checked out our new gear and dialed in our buoyancy prior to boarding.  We shared our checkout dive with two guests from California that were joining us on our trip to the Sea of Cortez.

Today’s highlight was our second dive in Cabo Pulmo, where we were surrounded by massive bull sharks, many coming close enough for photo and video shots. Today’s dive with the Bull Sharks was a life time top ten shark encounter dive. We’re looking forward to the rest of our trip with the crew of Gallant’s Lady.

Mike Dunn, North Carolina

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