Revillagigedo Was at Its Best This Trip

It’s hard to describe emotions with words, they are not transporting the real state of mind and emotional state you are into… Revillagigedo was at its best this trip. From the check dive on almost every dive was mind blowing. We had dolphins, hammerheads and mantas at the same time at “El Canon”. Of course the expectations went pretty high… but Revi did not disappoint. Every dive was a gift from the archipelago to the Nautilus Belle Amie and our guests. Manta interaction at “El Boiler” with 6 mantas at the time, in 27 C warm water. So playful and graceful, absolutely amazing. Dolphin interaction, I mean our guests could pet them, tears of joy were to see through the masks, no more words needed to describe it, right! The night snorkel with the silkies was perfect and as I said I don’t have the words to describe how perfect this trip was, is and will probably end. “Roca Partida” was just full of life, dolphins, mantas, four different shark species (white tips, Galapagos, silver tips and hammerheads), yellow fin tuna schools, bonito schools, wahoos, black jacks, cotton mouth jacks, big eye jacks all in big schools, rainbow runners, trevallies, pompanos and, and, and, just fantastic. The sunsets were postcard like and the vibe was just super positive, friendly and happy. Today we went to “Punta Tosca”, again we had a hammerhead school, a tiger shark showed up and manta and dolphins interaction….Can it get any better, lets see what tomorrow brings, I cant wait. These islands never fail and always surprises. You just have to be positive, give respect, happiness and love and Revi will teach you to be humble with the entire power of the wild nature.

Divemaster Pascal, onboard Nautilus Belle Amie

By Nautilus Crew

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