We Began Our First Trip of the Year and It Has Been Mind Blowing No Doubt!

We began our first trip of the year and it has been mind blowing no doubt! There are dolphins everywhere in the archipelago. We saw a whole family of them with a baby on our first day, then the next day at Cabo Pierce, right after encountering a massive pregnant whale shark who smoothly swam with us for perhaps 13 minutes. We saw another big pod of them at Roca Partida the next day after seeing a young whale shark.

As usual on our last day another pod of very, very playful dolphins with another baby joined us for basically the whole dive at the Boiler. Some more action with a good fever of hammerheads right above us at the Canyon, and other massive school of hammerheads at Roca Partida, plus, the ones at Cabo Pierce. Several encounters with tiger sharks and the rock stars of the archipelago, the mantas, who were interacting during all our dives at the Boiler.

Obviously, this has been an outstanding trip but, on top of everything, I love the tea with the amazing snacks from Silvia and Adriana, with delicious five-star breads, brownies and baby cakes after chill dives. They make me feel cozy, like at home. Honestly, I love my job.

Thank you.

Dive master Pato, onboard Nautilus Belle Amie

By Nautilus Crew

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