This Should Be Your Trip of a Lifetime!

This should be your trip of a lifetime! We have waited for over a year to make this trip. With Covid looming over us, the world has changed its ideas of travel and fun. The family of Nautilus Explorer has re-defined the term of family trip. All the staff have been so helpful and caring for each of our needs. They truly work together and act as a family with the daily routines of onboard living. Each person knowing their particular positions for the daily requirements. And being more like family and friends.

The diving is beyond words, with the clear blue waters. The magnificent rock formations and beyond belief sea life that you encounter on your dive will cause you to re-evaluate your own life. Each of the divemaster is excited to make your experience as great as their own. With the encounters of seals, sharks, mantas, and whales. Plus, the sundry sea life of octopus, giant lobsters, huge tuna, and the tiny life that makes all the sea their home.

Our trip has been rounded out with the great chef Felipe, who everyday comes up with fantastic meals to tickle your tastebuds. When you finish a great breakfast to start the day, you ask yourself, “I wonder what he has planned for lunch?” You come back from your second dive and there is a wonderful soup, great salad, terrific main course and a surprise dessert! Not to be outdone, he does it again for dinner with something completely out of left field! With the smallest kitchen I have ever seen. “I have a bathroom bigger than his kitchen!”

I want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart to the whole crew. You have made my life better in meeting you all.

Joe Nahon , St. Petersburg, Florida, onboard the Nautilus Undersea

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