This Is a Dream Destination for Any Diver

The Canyon is a famous dive site on the south end of San Benedicto Island and over the last few years, it has gained a reputation for unforgettable encounters with hammerhead sharks. 

In comparison to other sites around Revillagigedo Archipelago, these hammerhead sharks tend to swim towards the reef and onto the cleaning station which offers divers the opportunity for some very close encounters.

Lately, we have seen a different behavior with these sharks – they seem to be less shy and form small schools of around 15 to 30 individuals, most of which, are large adult females that swim along with their pups. They swim towards the reef and hang out there. Not only at the cleaning station but also on the sandy bottom, on top of the rock formations and can be seen around the entire dive site.

We’ve completed some of the best dives ever at The Canyon. Not only with these magnificent hammerhead sharks but also with silvertips, Galapagos and oceanic black tip sharks. This is a dream destination for any diver and we love nothing more than getting to share this place with our customers.

Make sure to come and visit us soon!

  • Divemaster Juan onboard the Nautilus Undersea

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