The King of Socorro Islands: The Scalloped Hammerhead

March has been a little colder than usual. The temperature is around 72°F/22°C but having the opportunity to see humpback whales breaching that surface at Socorro Island makes it totally worth it. I would suggest using a 5mm wetsuit with a hood when diving in water with this temperature to make sure you can fully enjoy the experience. We went to The Canyon which is located on the south side of San Benedicto Island. The visibility was around 20ft/7m but we had an incredible encounter with a school of silver tip sharks, Galapagos sharks, a pod of dolphins and the king of Socorro Islands: the scalloped hammerhead.

We’re now heading to Punta Tosca and hoping to see some humpback whales on the way. 

  • Divemaster Petro onboard Nautilus Undersea

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