One of the Best Dives With Manta Rays in My Life

We are in Roca Partida, one of my favorite places to dive and like always, it is amazing! There have been huge schools of horse-eye jacks and tunas, some silvertip and Galapagos sharks and as always, it is incredible to be able to enjoy the vast amount of marine life Roca Partida has to offer. 

Yesterday we had one of the best dives with manta rays in my life. four oceanic black and two chevron manta rays flying around us with slow and majestic movements. Some of them were at least five metres wide. Sometimes they would almost stop in front of us, moving the cephalic fins as if they were scanning us to identify who or what we were. It was simply amazing.

  • Arturo A. Bocos onboard the Nautilus Explorer

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