Roca Partida Is the Best Diving Spot in the World

It has been a few years since the diving at Roca Partida has been this good for humpback whales. We were extremely lucky to have a mother and her calf swimming around the dive site and next to our boat for what seemed like hours. They were both being playful and inquisitive by breaching the water’s surface, splashing their fins and tails. It was a beautiful sight to see. 

On the second day of diving at Roca Partida they decided to give us a show underwater. From a distance, we identified this humpback whale as a solitary male and all the divers onboard had an opportunity to see him at least once around the dive site. We also had hammerhead sharks, manta rays and tuna to add to this unbelievable experience. Roca Partida is the best diving spot in the world. No doubt! DM Juan onboard Nautilus Undersea Explorer

Divemaster Juan onboard the Nautilus Undersea Explorer

Photo Credit: Kevin Witte

By Nautilus Crew

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