Shark City

After an already action-packed packed week, we really spoilt our guests on the last day of diving on the latest trip to Revillagigedo Archipelago. 

As we went out on the skiff to our first dive site, we were followed by a pod of bottlenose dolphins. All the divers were so quick to get ready and roll into the water with the dolphins still around us. We encountered a large group and they stayed with us the whole dive making flips and twirls around us and playing with all the divers. We observed them hunting big eyed jacks and one adult mother dolphin cruised past with its young; always moving in perfect synchronization.

In the afternoon, we went to The Canyon and if I could explain it in two words, it would be – ‘shark city’. There must have been around 15 silvertip sharks on the cleaning station with some large Galapagos sharks nearby. We even had two oceanic black tip sharks join the party and they’re normally quite elusive. There were scalloped hammerheads and these encounters were unreal! We saw many large females, some of which appeared to be pregnant and they were completely calm and docile as they swam just a couple of meters in front of us. 

The visibility at the moment is about 15m which was caused by a slight swell last week but we’re still easily seeing schools of 20+ hammerheads. It’s been an exciting day for everyone and I’m pretty sure most of our divers are already planning their next trip to Socorro Island. 

  • Divemaster Jessie, Switzerland onboard the Nautilus Undersea

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