Creatures From Two Different Worlds

It’s our second day at Roca Partida and we decided to jump in the water early in the morning.

Jumping into the Pacific Ocean, the water was crystal clear and we descended through huge schools of cotton-mouth, bigeye and black jacks as well as rainbow runners and creole fish. At the ledge on the south side of the divesite, we observed lots of Galapagos and silvertip sharks circling. Halfway through the dive, we decided to go north to find some hammerhead sharks and let me tell you, Roca Partida never disappoints. We find them at a depth of around 25m and they followed us for the rest of the dive. When they started to circle us, the entire group was in awe and I can imagine they had big smiles behind their regulators. When we arrived at Roca Partida, our guests had big expectations but it most definitely delivered. 

On the next dive, we had a very friendly and curious manta ray that stayed with us the entire time. It kept going and coming back, circling us and flying through our bubbles. It really is amazing how creatures from two different worlds can interact in such a beautiful way. 

Roca Partida was unbelievable today and I feel so incredibly blessed to work for Nautilus.

  • Divermaster Pascal onboard the Nautilus Undersea

By Nautilus Crew

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