We Were Welcomed by a Sharknado

We had some amazing dives at Roca Partida today.

We were welcomed by a sharknado that will leave one of the best diving memories ever for our guests. There were seven huge Galapagos sharks at 75 feet underwater. They were circling close to the rock and around the schools of big-eye and cottonmouth jacks. Not only that, but there were more than ten silvertip sharks and massive tuna fish cruising right below the surface.

On the second dive, we were face to face with a massive school of juvenile yellowfin tuna and instead of swimming in a loose school, like they normally do, they were tightly packed in a big group. Looking down we could see why – there was a whole family of dolphins chasing after them! Once the dolphins realized we were in the water, they stopped hunting and played with us. We managed to have them around us for a few magical minutes before they went back to chasing their breakfast. Magical Roca Partida. 

  • Divemaster Yann onboard the Nautilus Belle Amie

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