It’s Five Stars All the Way

Besides the birth of my children, I can easily say that the dives I experienced on this trip will be forever etched in my mind as ones that will last a lifetime – every day got better and better! From swimming in the middle of swells of Bonita, playing with the giant manta rays, observing hundreds of sleeping white tip sharks piled on top of one another and looking a humpback whale in the eye; my breath was continuously taken away! 

Having never experienced the giant manta rays, I had no idea of the sheer magnitude of them. They come soaring through the water and overtake your senses; I have never felt so small. That is, until the first time we swam with humpback whales. Throughout the trip, we could see the whales breaching and slapping their fins and their tails just yards from the boat. Hearing their songs in the distance, we always knew they were close, but we never imagined we would have the chance to look them in the eye. If you love scuba diving and want to experience the time of your life, sign up for Socorro – it’s five stars all the way.

  • Dara Witte, USA onboard the Nautilus Undersea

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