Adorned with Manta Glitter

We have been visualizing dolphins for the last three days and they finally arrived! Within moments of settling into our depth above the reef, three dolphins zoomed by, taking us in with those presumably all knowing eyes. Just beyond, a shadow of a school of hammerhead sharks drifted past in a ghostly silhouette. Whitetips rested on the sandy bottom of the reef, as we worked our way against the current up, over and around the reef. When the black manta appeared, all three groups had dropped, and the magic began! Adorned with manta glitter (aka the clarion angelfish cleaners), it circled our group and got friendly with nearly everyone and their bubbles.

As we made our way back to the surface, our dolphin brethren reappeared, their playfulness in top form. Through chirps and tones, the bottlenose dolphins played with the group, shooting up toward the surface and leaping with what we can only presume is joy! What a beautiful dive it was; confirmed by the excited energy and chatter that jumped into the boat at the end of the dive.

  • Divemaster Pascal onboard the Nautilus Explorer

By Nautilus Crew

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