There Was so Much Life

Today we are heading back to Cabo San Lucas on the Nautilus Undersea and all our guests are over the moon. We had one of the best trips of the season so far with amazing weather conditions, almost no swell or current, 22-23°C water temperature and very good visibility. 

The Revillagigedo Islands and the Pacific Ocean blessed us on this trip. From playful dolphins to friendly manta rays on the first day followed by whale sharks and massive schools of hammerheads on the next day. By the third day, we had huge schools of yellowfin tuna and a humongous school of bonitos that came out of the blue chasing the school of hammerheads.

We also had the usual candidates: whitetip, silvertip, Galapagos, blacktips and lots of different species of jacks. There was so much life that we didn’t even know what to look for. 

On the fourth day, we had more interactions with dolphins and mantas and on the next day we had six different species of shark on one dive. From the boat, we saw breaching humpback whales, dolphins playing by the bow, a whale shark circling the boat and mantas feeding on the surface. 

This was a trip of a lifetime.

  • Divemaster Pascal onboard the Nautilus Undersea

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