Took a Selfie with a Whale Shark

It’s the fourth day of diving at Socorro with the Nautilus Belle Amie and I have to say after 15 dives, every dive has been incredible. There has been lots of unique marine life like the oceanic mantas that come and play with all the scuba divers. They sometimes hang around for at least five minutes during our safety stop and give us a farewell; until we see them again on the next dive. 

We also had the most unique experience when two mantas approached our group on the way back. They seemed to be playing with each other, then they noticed our presence and swam with us – under us, over us and when it was time to go back to the reef, they followed us all the way. On the next day, during three out of four dives, a whale shark circled the dive site. I took a selfie with a whale shark and two mantas following me. The best part of the trip is the crew who take extra care of everyone. 

  • Fady Egypt, California, USA onboard the Nautilus Belle Amie

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