Like a Well Oiled Machine

Today was one of the best diving days of my life. With over 1000 dives under my belt, I can safely say Roca Partida is a revelation. If humankind had not severely impacted the oceans and the species within, more of the ocean would look like the marine ecosystem located at Roca Partida. So much life, all mixing in the same place under a tiny rock in the middle of nowhere. The Nautilus crew worked the four-dive day like a well oiled machine and made sure everyone had an experience of their lives.

This is the second day of diving and all of it has been top level. Sharks, huge schools of fish, bait balls, and very big tunas. So thankful this place is protected and I wish more of the world’s nations would understand how protecting the ocean creates more economic opportunity than allowing these natural wonders to disappear. Every diver should come here and see this wonder of the diving world. 

And, of course, going with Nautilus and it´s crew isn’t such a bad idea too.

  • Viral, USA onboard the Nautilus Belle Amie

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