Unreal Diving

La Roca es La Roca. Unreal diving. Dropped into schools of fish, immediately spotted hammerheads.  Followed the hammerheads into the blue and managed to get some great videos. White tips everywhere – beside you, under you, all over you. Great views of piles of sleeping sharks. By the third dive on the rock, white tips on top of white tips do not even register a second glance but the 14-foot Galapagos sharks will catch your attention. Not to mention the 12-foot silvertips lurking around with their namesake markings shining from a distance. If you are lucky, giant mantas will come in and check you out (no one believed me, but my GoPro backed me up). Plentiful, large animals make for amazing diving and spoil you for looking anywhere other than into the blue.

  • Nate, Los Angeles, USA onboard the Nautilus Explorer

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