A Winner of a Vacation

We just experienced the best dive of our lives and with almost 900 logged dives, that is saying something.  We had dolphins, mantas and hammerheads all on one dive. It was positively mind blowing. When you add the excellence of the crew with the incredible dives the result is a winner of a vacation.  We can’t say enough about the captain and his crew. They worked harder than any crew we’ve ever seen but clearly all love what they do. Whenever a guest would ask for something, no matter what the crew was doing, they put the request first and went back to their tasks after. Well recruited and well trained.  Wish we could take them all home with us! Thank you Nautilus crew for providing the trip of a lifetime. ‘Amazing’ doesn’t come close to saying it.

  • Veronica and Tom, Florida, USA onboard the Nautilus Belle Amie

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