Epic Cleaning Station Dives

It’s the first day of the trip and we started off on a good note with some nice dives today. We firstly went to a dive spot called Fondeadero for the checkout dive and then for the second dive, we decided to go to Manta Highway due to the fact that there were some boats in the area. We had a super dive there with three manta rays playing with us for some time, a few hammerhead sharks and a Galapagos shark decided to come join the fun.

For the last two dives, we went to The Canyon for some epic cleaning station dives. There were a lot of sharks today: Galapagos, silvertip and some amazing blacktip sharks (my favorite shark). It’s been a great way to start another trip.

  • Divemaster Stein onboard the Nautilus Belle Amie

By Nautilus Crew

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