Manta Ray Showed Up for a Bubble Massage

The Canyon has never disappointed us. It was our second dive of the day and the visibility was about 50ft. We could even see the topography of the reef from the skiff so, of course, we were expecting a great dive and it most definitely was. We started further out into the blue so the current would take us to the cleaning station but on our way down we started seeing them – a huge school of hammerhead sharks.

At first, there were maybe ten hammerheads but as we started to descend further, we were surrounded by them. All of us stayed calm and enjoyed the surprise. Hundreds of them circled us for more than 20 minutes and when we thought that things could not get better, a huge female black manta ray showed up for a bubble massage.

  • Divemaster Celina onboard the Nautilus Belle Amie

By Nautilus Crew

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