I Felt Like a National Geographic Photographer

When the skiff captain said we were clear, we rolled back and began to descend. The first thing our eyes saw was a huge tiger shark swimming in the distance. Our hearts were pumping with excitement. We continued our dive listening to whale songs and noises when, out of nowhere, a school of dolphins passed very close to us, checking us out.

During our safety stop we noticed lots of sharks on the surface area when we realized that they were there hunting a huge school of pompano fish which were right in the middle of spawning. I felt like a National Geographic photographer. They were swirling and swimming so fast making tornadoes of fish and coming all up to the surface to release their eggs at the same time as the sharks were taking the opportunity to hunt and feed.

The night snorkeling with the silky sharks was amazing. I love these graceful sharks; they are so curious and beautiful. We are so lucky to be around them.

  • Rocio Gajon Bunker, Mexico onboard the Nautilus Belle Amie

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