Rising From the Depths of Davy Jones’ Locker

We are now heading to Roca Partida; the weather is beautiful and the sea is smooth. We anchored early in the morning, getting the skiffs ready for the day and began to gear up. Our guests are exited to dive one of the most famous dive sites in the world. We finally hit the water and descended in to the deep blue of the remote Pacific Ocean. As we turn around the south side of Roca Partida, the dive site exploded with life. There were big schools of jacks circling close to the wall and so many different species of them: black jacks, cottonmouth jacks, big-eye jacks and rainbow runners. Its just amazing to swim through big schools of fish and loose yourself in the moment. At the same time, a school of big yellow-fin tuna swam by and made the scenery perfect.

We decided to swim out in to the blue to see what we could fine and what the ocean would gift us. We waited for a couple of minutes and a school of hammerheads appeared out from the void. At first, they appeared to be spooky ghosts rising from the depths of Davy Jones’ locker. Within a few seconds we were surrounded by hammerheads. The rock is on fire today.

  • Divemaster Pascal onboard the Nautilus Undersea

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