We Watched Them Glide Past In Awe

The dives at The Canyon were so much fun. Each dive was full of different marine life and incredible encounters. On the first dive, we saw hammerhead schools of up to 50 individuals, we also spotted wahoos, yellowfin tunas, octopus and a couple of huge Galapagos sharks.

On our second dive, we had three black mantas – the biggest ones I’ve ever photographed in my life. These gentle giants were not minding us at all and they swam so slow that it was hard for anyone to stop staring and we watched them glide past in awe.

On our third dive, a couple of huge hammerheads decided to come and check me out. They separated from the school and came straight towards me – it was the highlight of my day and I’ve been watching the video back on repeat.

  • Rocio Gajon Bunker, Mexico onboard the Nautilus Belle Amie

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