Five Star Crew. Five Star Experience

Traveling home across the brilliant blue water today has given us time to reflect on the unbelievable week of diving we have just had. From pods of dolphins to swarms of hammerheads, thousands of fish and bottomless sheer rock walls; diving with Nautilus at Socorro has been a dream come true. I believe the highlight was swimming belly to belly with giant friendly manta rays that are so curious about divers, they swim within just a few feet, looking directly in your eyes. It’s impossible to explain how awesome that experience truly is but it’s something you have to experience up close and want to share with the people you love.

We have had an incredible week from start to finish. Every crew member has been so accommodating; always going above and beyond to make us feel welcome and very well cared for. Alice, Annie, and Nubia are extremely sweet, friendly, and attentive. They are exceptional at helping many guests at one time in a COVID-restricitve environment which I’m sure has only made their job more difficult and demanding. They take great care of us all with a smile!

All of the divemasters (Jen, Rimus, Pedro, Gato and David) were outstanding as well. Very clear and precise dive briefing, attentive to safety and always helping guests with whatever they needed. My personal favorite divemaster is Jen (our adopted ‘mobula’ into our group). She has a calm, confident aura that makes everyone in her group feel comfortable and very excited for the dive. She is so fun to be around and an absolute gem in the dive community! We deemed her the ‘manta whisperer’ since every dive with her we saw manta or mobula rays!

Five star crew. Five star experience! Thank you all for a great week. 

Next up: Guadalupe shark diving! 

  • Kari, Ron, Amanda, Erik, Brad, Jason, Roger & Lee onboard the Nautilus Explorer

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