Not Only World Class Diving but a World Class Operation

We’ve just finished up our last day of diving at The Boiler with our divemaster, Rimas as our heroic guide. This dive site has a certain beauty to it which is only outmatched by its mystery. We dropped in on the northside and navigated the awesome terrain past an incredible vertical structure. My dive buddies and I have adventure in our hearts and appreciation for the amazing underwater world in our minds. Our mission: seek out marine life such as dolphins, tiger sharks, manta rays and macro life.

The great Poseidon himself must have blessed us as we suddenly encountered two large chevron manta rays that decided we were interesting enough to gracefully swim above, below and around us. They put on a magical show for us for at least 30 minutes but sadly, all good things must come to an end as we exhausted our gas supply and said farewell to the magnificent manta duo.

Upon surfacing, we were greeted by the world class dive crew that safely got us back onboard the very seaworthy Nautilus Explorer captained by the handsome yet humble Captain Hernan. As soon as we got onboard, we were greeted by Nubia who provided us with warm drinks and smiling faces. This is not only world class diving but a world class operation. I am blessed to visit such a radical dive site and lucky to be accompanied by such a devoted crew. 

  • Zach, USA onboard the Nautilus Explorer

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