They Were Hunting a Squadron of Mobula Rays

A large pod of dolphins joined us early on the first morning riding our the waves from the bow. We had a sea lion swimming all around us whilst we boarded the skiff and then we spotted a jumping striped marlin, several jumping mobula rays and a large turtle.

We received the call that our airplane support had spotted a pod of orcas, so we sped off towards their location. Once we found the pod of orcas, we didn’t have to wait long before half the group was able to get in the water with them. The interaction was a quick one but most people managed to see the orcas in the water.

After several hours of following the pod of orcas we finally had an amazing interaction whereby we were able to enter the water whilst they were hunting a squadron of mobula rays. When the orcas appeared less bothered by our presence and some great footage was obtained we headed back to the boat. On our return to the Nautilus Lady Gallant, we witnessed several jumping sea lions before getting back onboard to a delicious taco dinner on the top deck. A truly amazing first day!

  • Sarah, England onboard the Nautilus Gallant Lady

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