Manta Dream Land

Epic day at The Boiler. All the dives today have been incredible – my group is absolutely amazing and the manta rays are more friendly than ever. For all four dives today, I jumped in at the southside of The Boiler and we just had to wait for the giant manta rays to come in. We didn’t have to move at all; just float in the crystal blue water and wait until the giant angels of the Pacific came to check us out.

They flew over our heads, making circles and stopping and dropping down past us. They would show us their belly, making all kinds of swim patterns. In animal behavior we say: “useless motion is by definition: playing” and that’s just how it looks. The manta rays seemed to really enjoy themselves by interacting with us. They came so close, making very small circles over our heads and playing with our bubbles. We had three mantas during the first dive, two during the second and three again during the third and fourth. 

We even saw mobula rays! But the best dive of the day was the second – two manta rays were interacting with my group for 50 minutes. They peacefully joined our group for the entire dive which left us feeling humble and grateful. It was mind-blowing! 

My group were talking about The Boiler as ‘Manta Dream Land’ which I think describes it pretty well.

  • Divemaster Pascal onboard the Nautilus Undersea

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