We Won the Diving Jackpot

Diving Roca Partida is wild. You never know what you will see. Hundreds of whitetips and massive schools of jacks, trevallies, creoles, bonitas and so many tuna. The ledges are full of dozens of sharks, lobsters and puffers. Eels line the cracks of the walls nearly everywhere you look and the action is non-stop! 

If you are tired of big schools of animals near the rock simply look into the blue to see hammerheads, Galapagos sharks, silkies, whitetips and even a couple of turtles. And to top off the critter lottery, we also had a very large octopus play with us for quite some time. Did I mention the crazed tuna weighing in at 400-500 pounds?  But this was not always ‘fall off the boat’, easy diving. We had to earn it on several dives but overall, we won the diving jackpot with minimal current and fabulous visibility along with warm uprisings making it a fantastic experience all the way around!

  • Kamala Shadduck, Florida, USA onboard the Nautilus Explorer

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