Another Day of Adventure

The Nautilus Gallant Lady is out on the mobula and orca expedition in the Sea of Cortez. We welcomed our eight guests and soon after, we were on our way to the Cerralvo Channel. It was a smooth crossing and this morning, we gave our guests a briefing about the operation, the way to interact with marine life and how to operate and use a Nautilus LifeLine. We then provided each guest with one to be carried on their weight belts during the snorkeling and freediving activities as well for scuba diving.

The day was a little windy and we had some swell from the south but it was still good to go out and look for marine creatures. Our first encounter was with a huge pod of bottlenose dolphins who were very interactive and playful with our guests. Later we saw a spout right on the north end of Cerralvo Island and very slowly we approached to find out it was a big mother humpback whale and her juvenile. They seemed relaxed and we saw them for some time from the RHIB to later see them go north with a big dive downwards, showing their tails.

In the afternoon we went out to look for mobula rays. This time it was hard to find the mobula munkiana schools but we found groups of five to eight spinetail rays and we were able to get our guests in the water to swim with them.

This afternoon’s sunset was impressive and now guests are having dinner to get a good rest and be ready for another day of adventure in the Sea of Cortez.

  • Divemaster Juan onboard the Nautilus Gallant Lady

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