Back With Our Friends at Nautilus Liveaboards

Well, what an amazing trip we have had. As things with COVID-19 have been improving, it has been wonderful to be back with our friends at Nautilus Liveaboards and out in the ocean where we love to spend our time.

Cabo Pearce is a really interesting dive site with some great rock formations and well established cleaning stations that attract a lot of big marine life. On every dive at this site we were visited by manta rays – both black and chevon species. We also had shy sightings of scalloped hammerhead sharks and on one dive, we were even visited by some dolphins with a baby. The third dive at this site was particularly special when we had a single female chevron manta ray join us for the entirety of the dive. We essentially hovered in place as she spent time visiting all of us individually allowing us to get very close to her. No doubt she was as curious as we were and she really made this dive a great memory. It was such a special dive for me and ‘team chevron’ with our fantastic dive master, Pablo.

Thanks to the crew this was a super special dive for us as my husband and I were traveling for my 50th birthday!

  • Rachael and Mark, Australia onboard the Nautilus Explorer

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