The Gallant Lady Had Spotted Some Whales

Today we searched around La Paz Bay and then crossed the San Lorenzo Channel into El Saltito and La Ventana Bay. The Gallant Lady positioned itself closer to Cerralvo Island and then we went out on the RHIB looking for mobula rays.

We saw a few spine tail mobula rays jumping out of the water and some others so close to the surface that it was possible to see the tips of their fins. We had a big surprise when the Captain radioed us that the Gallant Lady had spotted some whales. We moved to the area and found three humpback whales: two adults and one baby that were crossing south peacefully and coming to breath every 12 minutes. It is not common to see humpback whales at the end of June and we felt very lucky about it. We were able to hang out with the whales for about an hour and then left them alone and return to the boat for dinner.

  • Divemaster Juan onboard the Nautilus Gallant Lady

By Nautilus Crew

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