It’s Time to Hit the Water

We are diving Roca O’Neal today; the sky is cloudy, the ocean is choppy and we have current to the north. It’s time to hit the water. We are descending into the deep blue of the Pacific and are following the ridge of the underwater plateau of Roca O’Neal. Just five minutes in and we already see the first giant manta ray. Not long after we see the second and third; they all stay with us and are super interactive.

The manta rays come towards the divers and swim close circles around them to enjoy the bubbles. The manta rays swim all kinds of patterns but eventually come back to check out the divers. It’s impressive how close they come and how well behaved divers can be when you brief them how to interact with the marine life. We slowly begin to swim with them and the guests enjoy swimming underneath these pelagic manta rays.

The next dives are pretty much the same but we get to see up to seven manta rays on one dive. Roca O’Neal was on fire today! My group is blown away and I feel blessed to be here. 

  • Divemaster Pascal onboard the Nautilus UnderSea

By Nautilus Crew

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