Captain’s Noon Report – Nautilus Belle Amie – 2021-07-25

Location: Anchored at Guadalupe Island

Weather: Overcast, Light Winds, Moderate South Current

SHARKS!!! As soon as we started throwing our bait this morning, we had a shark showing interest, making frequent passes in front of the surface cages for about 45-minutes. We had quite a few early riser guests in the water, and they started their day of oh a high. That includes Anna, our return guest from our first voyage of the season. She has had over two hours in the water with sharks just this morning. Our first few rounds of submersible cages had sharks cruising in the depths below them and everybody got occasional glimpses. But the real action started around 1130am. Two, maybe three, sharks were constantly interested in the bait. All of our guests got very good looks and are extremely happy. So are the crew!

  • Captain Jon

By Nautilus Crew

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