Captain’s Noon Report – Nautilus Belle Amie – 2021-07-26

Location: Anchored at Guadalupe Island

Weather: Overcast, Light Wind, Calm Sea

Today started a bit slowly, with just some passing glimpses of sharks from the submersible cages. Most of the guests were so spoiled with the show yesterday that they didn’t want to get in the water until there was more activity. But everybody is happy onboard and optimistic for the day, having seen what the experience can be. There was a group shark dance around 10am. Current has been building from the south through the morning and hopefully it continues to gain speed. The best action so far has been during the strongest south current. I am thinking the current shark action is based around tides and was expecting movement around 11:45am today. And sure enough, almost exactly at that time we had two individuals appear almost at the same time and make runs at the bait. They are smaller than the male we had for hours yesterday, and shy as they come at the bait–not even biting at it yet. They have so far made about four passes each in the past 15 minutes. Hoping this action continues into the afternoon. We will keep fingers crossed and spirits high!

  • Captain Jon

By Nautilus Crew

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