Unbelievable Experience Thanks to an Unbelievable Staff

I could have not asked for a better trip. I was going to give shout outs to a couple staff members, but once I started, I ended up naming almost everyone. Although there were numerous instances that I mention, the following three really stood out.

1) Safety training, both for us and staff, and environmental concerns; ex staff drills with different scenarios.

2) Captain’s taking our opinions into consideration; Last day he asked us if it would be alright to move and take 30 mins away from diving.

3) Staff expertise; I had NUMEROUS issues with diving because I have not done it for over 20 years. The staff was able to help me through all issues that I had due to the experience that allowed me to get in and have the best experience possible.

Overall, I had a trip of a lifetime. I cannot wait to get back home and share my experience with everyone and give out as much positive reviews, both on social media and word of mouth.

  • Joe, USA, onboard the UnderSea

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