I’m So Happy to Be in Guadalupe Island

I’m so happy to be in Guadalupe Island and seeing face-to-face great white sharks! 2020 we couldn’t be here due to COVID-19 restrictions, but here we are and the sharks are here too!

This week we have 16 very enthusiastic guests, not all of them are scuba certified, but that is not an obstacle to get in the water with the sharks. Non-divers can go into the surface cages and scuba divers have the opportunity to do at least three dives per day in the submersible cages. Everyone is having a blast! We have seen many male sharks and a few females. The smallest shark has been around four meters and the biggest female so far in this trip is about six or seven meters.

The weather has been great: calm seas, sunny days, water visibility of at least 25 meters – sometimes even better!

When the guests are not diving in the cages, they stay on deck or on the top deck watching the action on the surface with the sharks breaching the surface to try and catch the bait.

It has been two wonderful days so far and we can’t wait for our third day of diving tomorrow.

  • Divemaster Juan onboard Nautilus Undersea

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