Nautilus Liveaboards Is Your Ticket to Ride

For those who want the best, the biggest and the brightest, the only word you need to remember is ‘Guadalupe’. If the great white shark is printed on your bucket list, then Nautilus Liveaboards is your ticket to ride. The entire adventure was first-class.

All you need is a crazy sense of wonderment and a bottle of anti-fog for your goggles. Not because of the temperature of the water but because your heart rate increases as a 5 meter giant great white shark glides up beside you when you least expect it, putting your head on a swivel. You are constantly surprised at the efficiency and potential speed of this graceful species of evolved machinery.

‘Great’ is the only word to explain both the shark and the crew. Both are gentle, gracious and unpredictable; able to anticipate your needs before you even ask! Before your second day the guests and crew seem to be like family.

The hours of marinating in a cage with the beautiful backdrop of baitfish and the apex predator of the open oceans will not be forgotten, nor will the tremendous hospitality on my Nautilus Liveaboards expedition to Guadalupe Island. “SHAAAAAARK”!

  • Quint Kuhl, Los Angeles, USA onboard the Nautilus Belle Amie

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