There Was So Much Life on This Reef

A few months ago I bought a new dive computer with an integrated GPS. Today, this came in very handy. We went to a place called El Bajo. This dive site is a bit hard to find since there are no reference points because the shore is too far away. So in order to find the spot we had to go off the GPS coordinates. Once we got there on the RHIB, we put in a descent line which, this in itself, was a lot of fun. But then when we got to dive there, the dives were amazing. There was so much life on this reef. It was incredible. We found all kinds of reef fish. Some of the guests saw hammerhead sharks and on the way up we had a nice silky shark circling us. After the morning dives we went to a reef called Suami for some macro life. We found a lot of different things and even two sea lions joined us on the dives. The guest came up super happy.

  • Divemaster Stein onboard the Nautilus Explorer

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