This Place Is Becoming One of My Favorite Dive Spots

We had some amazing dives today at Las Animas. I think this place is becoming one of my favorite dive spots. We did four dives at the different points this little island has to offer. On the first dive we went around one of the pinnacles full of corals. The visibility was great, around 70ft. On the second dive, we went around another pinnacle. This dive was epic. We found a small school of hammerhead sharks, some marble rays and a giant green turtle. At the end of the dive, we had two super playful sea lions join us.

On the last two dives, we went to visit the sea lion colony. There were so many of them, it was great to just watch them. We just sat on the bottom looking at them for most of the dives. The guests were super happy with the sea lion interaction. Some of the juveniles were biting on all the divers’ fins.

Let’s see if we can top this dive day tomorrow!

  • Divemaster Stein onboard the Nautilus Explorer

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